Business Owners

Liquidity and capital solutions for Business Owners

Whether your focus is to diversify your net worth, reach long-term growth objectives, transfer your business to family, source funds to complete a management buyout, or acquire another business, we can provide liquidity and capital solutions to successfully achieve your goals.

Werner Partners presents business owners with creative solutions to meet the needs specific to their businesses while maximizing shareholder value. When you partner with us, you have the knowledge to make logical and informed decisions regarding the most beneficial time and structure to execute a transaction.

Transactions typically include one or more of the following:

  • Recapitalizations
  • Management Buyouts
  • Industry Consolidations
  • Family Succession / Next Generation Capital
  • 100% Buyouts
  • Growth Capital
  • Minority Investments
  • Partner Retirement

Growth Capital / Recapitalization - Case Study

Gary had worked most of his professional life growing and building his family’s consumer products business. As with many businesses, the company’s early years were challenging with what seemed like never enough capital. Over the past 15 years, Gary and his team had grown the company to $45 million with 20% EBITDA margins.

During initial discussions Gary was not interested in selling the business. He was 60 years old, in good health, and wanted to remain active in the operations. The majority of Gary’s net worth was tied to the business and that caused concerns.

Due to rapid growth, the business required a $7 million expansion. He knew the company could fund the expansion, but he wasn’t sure if at this stage in his life he wanted to commit his own capital.

Werner designed a solution that fully funded the expansion while at the same time created a liquidity event that allowed Gary to monetize a significant amount of his net worth. Going forward, Gary remains an owner in the business and continues to run the day-to-day operations.

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