Consistent Business Development Success

Werner Partners can help clients discover new platforms, augment existing systems, and uncover minority or majority investments. Our acquisitions team guides investments in growth capital, buyouts, divestitures, recapitalizations, minority stakes, and full privatizations. Werner Partners can also identify potential sellers and assist with necessary due diligence and research requirements.

Deal Flow Approach

Strategy Kick-Off
Our partnership begins with an in-depth strategy session to clarify and refine our client’s acquisition approach, ideal target criteria, and overall objectives.

Target Market
Our research-intensive approach includes a comprehensive industry and market landscape analysis to identify optimal acquisition targets using a range of search tools and data inputs.

Sourcing & Screening
Our strategic team identifies key decision-makers at a target company and employs a robust communication strategy with active follow-up to ensure successful outcomes. We compile essential data on a target's profile, operations, performance, transaction habits, expectations, and potential timeline.

Prospect Summary
We collate the relevant data we receive from business owners into a concise brief, outlining the prospective deal for an efficient conclusion.

Principal to Principal Introduction
Following a client’s review of the brief, our team coordinates an introductory call with all necessary stakeholders.

Transaction Collaboration
Following an introduction to a potential seller, our clients assume the lead and can pursue a transaction as they see fit.

Acquisition Search Programs

Every successful acquisition begins with a vision. Our role is to see our client’s strategic vision and translate that into action, guiding them every step of the way with expertise, information, and a history of successful outcomes. Our process ensures clients meet business development goals in a timely and efficient matter – so they can implement their vision and continue to grow. We offer our services on a retained and non-retained basis and help small, medium, and large-scale enterprises meet their objectives and flourish.

How We Can Help

Strategic Add-Ons
Werner Partners can help clients achieve a range of objectives – from portfolio diversification and product differentiation to vertical integration and scaling up, our experts have the experience to execute successful add-on acquisitions. Our sourcing team can help clients find the ideal fit for their strategic aims, using a range of tools and research technology.

Industry Roll-Up
When clients need to conduct several acquisitions efficiently in the short-term, our proactive research and outreach approach ensures a steady stream of significant introductions and active leads.

For clients with a robust investment thesis in a specific industry, we offer a thorough origination process to determine and qualify high-caliber, foundational prospects that could serve as the platform’s core.

Werner Partners has an executive-focused strategy to serve industry leaders who seek to fast-track and streamline their origination leads. Our experts are essential partners in identifying potential acquisitions, communicating with capital partners, and helping business leaders to effectively execute their strategy.

Targeted Research
Werner Partners successfully leverages targeted search processes to identify and engage proprietary acquisitions and investment targets on its client’s behalf. This structured process is equally effective for both platform and add-on targeted search initiatives, as well as across industry verticals. Our rigorous sourcing strategy relies on in-house expertise, proprietary, public and private databases, industry associations, trade shows, and the latest AI/machine learning technology.

Our Proprietary Solutions Include:

  • Best-in-class, Salesforce-based, research database
  • Proprietary industry classification system, reviewable by industry, size, geography, and other criteria
  • Custom-tailored marketing materials for each engagement
  • Bespoke analytics and data reporting tools

Increase Deal Flow

Discover top-tier, non-auction, acquisition candidates in a variety of industries. Source Innovatively.
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Private Equity Funds

Qualified acquisition opportunities and skillful deal execution are essential. Werner Partners takes a proactive approach to business development services for Private Equity Groups that leads to qualified investment opportunities. Our winning strategy is driven by our unique insight, unwavering drive, and committed focus on the middle market.

We have expertise in a wide variety of industries including niche manufacturing, business and industrial services, value-added distribution, transportation, medical supplies, healthcare, building products, consumer and personal care goods, and specialty foods.

Strategic Acquirers

Strategic acquisitions drive growth and bolster shareholder returns. Werner Partners specializes in dynamic growth through intelligent acquisition strategies for strategic buyers seeking market reach and industry consolidation. Our corporate development services coupled with our deep experience with banks and transaction structuring bring confidence as clients advance business growth. We understand an Acquirer’s needs and develop qualified acquisition opportunities that deliver strategic results.

Engagement Options

Werner Partners has delivered proprietary deal flow opportunities to its clients for years with countless successful outcomes. We offer targeted search programs for proactive acquirers as well as one-off acquisition programs for more reactive buyers.

Werner Partners is committed to partnering with its clients as a trusted extension of their internal business development efforts. We prioritize discretion and maintain the confidentiality of information received from each client, including insights into sectors of interest, investment thesis, and target financial information.