Liquidity and Capital Solutions for Business Owners

Whether your aim is to diversify your net worth, reach long-term growth objectives, transfer your business to family, source funds to complete a management buyout, or acquire another business, we can provide liquidity and capital solutions to successfully achieve your goals.

At Werner Partners, our clients acquire companies for a myriad of reasons. Be it diversifying portfolios and expansion into new markets or territories to meeting growth goals, our experience in buying and selling companies gives us first-hand insight into delivering results for both buyers and sellers. Using best-in-class research methods, we keep our finger on the pulse of the market to create a winning acquisition strategy and preferred outcomes for selling shareholders.

Our team is committed to understanding the complexities of your business and connecting you with the best possible partner, while making the process as smooth and undisruptive as possible.

Achieve Liquidity Confidentially

Step 1 – Clarify the Shareholder’s Exit or Succession Strategy

  • Discovery: Identify the shareholder’s goals, understand possible exit strategies, and establish an ideal market strategy
  • Initial conversation about the business, market, and shareholder expectations
  • Comprehensive dialogue with shareholders to build in-depth understanding of your company and its operations while clarifying the operational and financial objectives associated with the transaction
  • Create financial models and establish company valuation expectations
  • Identify and implement strategies to enhance value. Assist with execution of transactions

Step 2 – Develop and Deliver Executive Summary Information

  • Financial Modeling and Valuation
  • Conduct financial analysis and explain valuation ranges and potential structures

Step 3 – Identify, Qualify, and Acquaint Target Buyers

  • Buyer screening, to include analyses of potential synergies
  • Select and approach ideal buyers
  • Implement NDAs

Step 4 – Support Negotiations

  • Coordinate management meetings and business visits with potential buyers
  • Review and analyze transaction terms to identify the best offers
  • Determine final potential purchasers. Develop a Letter of Intent with the selected buyer. Oversee due diligence investigations

Step 5 – Transaction Completion

  • Coordinate and Execute Transaction
  • Assist and Finalize transaction financing
  • Liaise with both parties regarding open matters between buyer and seller
  • Close the transaction

Reviewing a letter of intent, term sheet, for a company sale or capital raise? Experience Werner LOI Due Care.

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Maximizing Shareholder Value

Werner Partners presents business owners with creative solutions to meet specific business needs while maximizing shareholder value. When you partner with us, you can feel confident that you’ll have the knowledge you need to make logical and informed decisions, ensuring your transactions are well-timed and optimally structured.

Navigating the Buyer Market

  • Free, discreet method to receive viable proposals for sale or partial sale
  • A meaningful alternative to retaining an investment bank, which usually seeks businesses to market through an auction process. This method allows competitors, vendors, customers, and employees to discover that the business is for sale, creating potential negative impacts, particularly if the auction is unsuccessful
  • Our teams have strategic relationships with a network of thousands of institutional and strategic buyers and investors
  • Many qualified buyers are unwilling to participate in auctions. Our clients prefer to research a company and its culture to determine how to best increase value with management teams, rather than being guided strictly by short-term figures
  • Our team is compensated by our investor clients, freeing business owners from any financial obligation

Delivering the Highest Value

  • Our team brings to the table a single motivated investor willing to put forth fair market value for a controlling or partial stake in a company – without having to endure an auction. With a Confidentiality Agreement in place, only pre-determined stakeholders are aware of the potential transaction
  • Unlike an investment bank, our team is compensated by our investor clients and does not require any payments whatsoever from business owners or management. We encourage inquiries and are happy to answer questions without obligation. All queries are confidential

No Obligation Valuation

Discover top-tier private equity and strategic buyers seeking acquisitions in your industry. Execute with confidence.

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Business Owners

Liquidity and capital solutions for business owners. Whether your focus is to diversify your assets, advance your net worth, spur long-term growth, source funds, transfer your business to a family member or acquire another business, we can provide liquidity and capital opportunities to help you meet your goals.

Werner Partners offers business owners creative solutions to address their specific needs while maximizing shareholder value. When you partner with us, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that you are armed with the insight to make informed decisions on the most favorable time and optimal structure for every transaction.

Management Teams

Strong management teams are an integral part of any business transaction. We work closely with passionate management teams who want to maintain or acquire a business ownership position as well as those tasked with growing their businesses through acquisition.


Opinion of Value
Werner Partners offers potential clients an “Opinion of Value” appraisal— an estimate of anticipated value at any given time, including risk assessment and potential depreciation. Our business appraisals rely on fair market value, defined as a reasonable price at which the subject business would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, with no obligation to conclude the transaction and both being fully informed of all the relevant facts.

Formal Valuation 3rd Party
We partner with respected industry-leading business and equipment valuation firms to expedite your valuation—accurately and on budget. We maintain an ever-expanding database of valuation and liquidation firms to deliver reliable valuations at highly competitive prices.

Werner Partners prioritizes discretion and maintains a code of confidentiality. Any information provided—including financial, operational, procedural, and personnel-related—will be handled with the utmost care and only disclosed on a need-to-know basis, as determined and directed by our client.

  • Shareholder Liquidity (100% sale, Growth Capital, Minority, etc)
  • Business / Family / Next Generation Succession- Family-Owned Businesses, liquidity events, stepped or staged transactions to fit the family’s time frame. Minority or majority

Considering Sellers’ Best Interests

  • Unlike investment banks and brokers, Werner Partners contacts business owners only on behalf of a single investor seeking a specific business
  • Although we represent potential purchasers, we also serve business owners by connecting them with one or more qualified and motivated investors, facilitating an attractive transaction for both parties
  • Our diverse client base includes foreign and domestic strategic investors, family offices, private equity firms, and high-net-worth individuals, whose interests span a range of industries
  • We identify, screen, and qualify potential buyers and their financial wherewithal