Strategic Acquirers

Strategic acquisitions accelerate growth and shareholder returns

We specialize in growth through acquisition strategies to strategic buyers seeking market extension and industry consolidation. Our corporate development services coupled with our deep experience with banks, and transaction structuring brings a comfort level to our clients. We understand an Acquirer’s needs and develop qualified acquisition opportunities that grow your organization.

Depending on your objectives and other key initiatives, your program can be customized to include:

  • Industry Research
  • Qualification, Development, and Analysis of Acquisition Targets
  • Financial Modeling
  • Transaction Structuring
  • Private Capital

Growth through Acquisition - Case Study

Bill was the sole shareholder of a niche manufacturer serving the Aerospace and Defense markets. He had grown his business from $20 million to $50 million in revenue over the last 20 years through a combination of organic growth and three small add-on acquisitions. Bill had assembled an excellent management team and wanted to grow the company quickly in order to increase value as he neared retirement.

In the past, the company had done a good job of pursuing acquisitions on a reactionary basis, whereby acquisition targets were either well-known competitors or were presented by brokers for sale. However, the market was highly fragmented and the company was missing good opportunities that were not known about or brokered for sale.

We worked closely with Bill and his team to understand the company’s markets and specific goals in order to formulate an aggressive growth through acquisition strategy. We were able to implement a pro-active plan that developed high quality acquisition candidates both inside the aerospace and defense markets as well as targets in complementary industrial sectors that were not as cyclical.

Over the course of our 6-year engagement, the company completed five acquisitions and nearly doubled in size resulting in a much higher valuation. Bill ultimately was approached by a large industry player and sold his company creating a liquidity event for he and his family.

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